Here’s why data-driven decision-making is crucial in real estate.

What’s happening in our market? The truth is that what you hear in the national media isn’t necessarily true for our area. Your neighbor might tell you one thing while your dentist tells you another, so how can you know who is right? 

In my opinion, your real estate decisions should be based on data first. For example, how many homes are for sale in your neighborhood right now? What’s the average sales price in your city? These numbers tell you crucial information about your market, and you’ll need that information if you want to secure a fantastic deal.

National numbers are important too. Wider trends don’t always have a direct impact on our local market, but sometimes they do. A real estate expert’s job is to interpret these numbers so that you know what decision is best for you. 

If you’ve ever been confused about interest rates, the stock market, homeowners insurance, or anything else that affects your buying or selling decisions, please call or email me. I’d love to guide you through the process.